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About Us

Alternative Health Reports 




Have you ever tried to get the full, unbiased facts behind health and wellness issues? Here’s the problem so many people run into:


We don’t know whom to trust.


If the site is hosted or backed by one of the huge pharmaceutical companies, you can bet the solutions they offer will be biased towards prescription medicine and procedures.


If the site is managed by solely holistic followers, then the bias will be towards herbs and such, and forgo any intervention by modern medicine.


Either way, you don’t get the full picture.


At Alternative Health Reports, we offer rational insights into the ailments and conditions affecting millions of people worldwide. We report the facts, untainted by either medical or holistic dogma.


We spell out what is important to know, and how you can use that knowledge to your physical and mental well-being.


If medical intervention is advised, we’ll say so. If a condition can be improved or treated by alternate, natural means we won’t hesitate to relay that information.


You as a health consumer should have choices, not dictates.


Our team of researchers and health professionals won’t sugar coat or ignore the truth. We don’t get a cent from the government, Big Pharma, or any supplement manufacturer. We’re independent – and plan to stay that way.


This site will be a continuous, ongoing project – exploring and investigating health conditions on a wide variety of topics. We welcome your input in letting us know what YOU want to read about – the topics YOU want covered.


We also value your opinion. At the end of each article we post, you are invited to post your comments. However, be aware we won’t tolerate SPAM, violent speech or intimidation. Your viewpoints are welcome, diatribes are not.


Best regards – and stay healthy!


The Team Behind The Scenes


Independent medical investigators, seasoned research writers and web-savvy professionals, we go where the truth leads us.


  • Will we step on some toes in the process? Absolutely!


  • Will we challenge the status quo of stodgy, ingrained medical thought? Certainly!


  • Will we back down in the face of “establishment” criticism? Never!


This you can count on.


The Alternative Heath Reports Team



Lead Journalist: Jack James


BS – Rider University

MBA – Adelphi University


Over 30 years professional writing & research experience encompassing a wide range of disciplines, especially the Health & Wellness field.


Political activist with a strong Libertarian leaning.

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